Frontline Education Users

The Frontline Education User Group's purpose is to provide a forum for end users to engage in meaningful dialogue about the functionality of products, to stay abreast of changes that impact customers and users, and to enhance the experience of using Frontline Educations' products.

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Membership is open to any Minnesota school staff person with an interest in participating and positively contributing. Active members include schools that are currently using Skyward and those that are evaluating its use.

To access and participate in any of the active communities, you must have a Google Account.
These accounts do not necessarily end with "".
Your district may have a G Suite domain or "Google Apps for Education", where your email address can create, edi, and collaborate on Google Docs. In this case, your work email address is a Google Account and should be used to join the community.
If you don't have a Google Account associated with your work email, create one by:
  1. visit the Google Account Creation form ,
  2. complete the form - using your work email ,
  3. verify the account creation by clicking the link sent to your work email inbox ,
  4. return to this site and join the groups you like
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Member Resources
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Ask a question. Announce an event. Share a protip. Email: [email protected]
Calendar of Meetings and Events
The Frontline Education Group usually meets the third Tuesday of every other month, 1:30 - 3:30pm. Group members will receive email invitation to rsvp for each event.